We are independent, licensed Life Insurance agents. We specialize in educating the Black Community on Life Insurance and creating strategic wealth building policies.


They say: "Life Insurance?! Why Life Insurance?!" 

We say: "Why NOT Life Insurance!"

We believe everyone should have Life Insurance. From the youngest to the oldest, You and YOUR family deserve the 3 Ps: protection, provision and peace of mind.


But more than that, Life Insurance is a powerful wealth building strategy that can be used even while you're still alive...and we want to show YOU how to do it!


At Black & Insured, we are committed to excellence. We have been working hard to ensure our clients receive the best possible insurance services in these states. 

We work with over 20 Top Rated Insurance carriers in the U.S. such as...


It's no secret, the Black Community is in need of financial protection and wealth building strategies. We know Life Insurance may not be as sexy as stocks, bonds, bitcoin, or even real estate. Life Insurance is the underdog when compared to other financial strategies. But when your policy is structured the right way, Life Insurance has the power to create TAX FREE wealth like no other investment vehicle can...just ask Master P how a Life Insurance policy funded his multi-million dollar empire.

 Black & Insured is committed to doing our part to close the wealth gap for Black people... one person, one family, one business and one community at a time.


"Our agent was so awesome! She was helpful with picking out the right insurance policy for me and my family. She also kept our budget in mind. I feel so good knowing I made this step."

Adrianna A, Fort Worth, TX



Our 6 Step Process is Easy, Safe & Convenient

We serve our clients from virtually anywhere in the US. By utilizing technology, we're able to meet with you, on your schedule and discuss your plan. We answer your questions so that you feel empowered to protect yourself and your loved ones, create generational wealth and leave a lasting legacy.

There's no greater time than the present to protect your future. Get started TODAY!

You Complete the Form



We Discuss Your Plan


We Create Your Plan


We Submit Your Application


You Schedule the Meeting


You're Insured!

Be the superhero for yourself and your loved ones

Be protected, be secured, be Black and Insured 

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